What to do with reckless people. 

It is impossible to detach yourselves from the people that you love tremendously who are living reckless lives. You can try to help them as much as they need it but they will not stop as long as they are getting away with their life style. They can hurt you and tear your family apart without taking into consideration what the consequences could be. Learning how to detach yourself from that type of character is one of the most difficult things we go through in recovery. I am having a difficult time learning how to detach from people who are toxic and my life. It’s more difficult when you see them constantly because they are your family members or close friend or in your work area or you go to school with them. And learning to detach is not very easy when you have been so attached to somebody for so long. Seen them live a reckless life and put not only themselves but other people in danger, such as their child or spouse or sibling, is very heartbreaking.  How do you truly Love somebody if you sit back and watch them constantly put their lives in danger? How is it that you detach but still try to show them and help them that there is a way out?


Detox from your choice of drug 

And when you’re clean detox from the rest

Detach from those that use 

Detach from those that make you want to abuse 

Separate from the meaningless people 

The ones that don’t understand that you want something more than what they have 

They can’t replace the good in you 

That was lost when you were sick 

They want you to stay in the low life with them 

So they’re not alone

They don’t see your worth

Because they have never known theirs 

Get well for the sake of others 

Get well for the sake of you

You never know when your health is going to be needed 

To save someone else from their use