To choose happiness means to choose change.

We always say “If you don’t like _____, change it.” This goes beyond your career, living situation, groups of peers, extracurricular activities, the way you look, the way you feel- whatever it is that you don’t like. This hits the core of why you don’t believe you CAN CHANGE these things. We feel compelled to stay in shitty situations or circumstances because of how we have created it in our minds BUT once we notice that we can change what we have created- we notice we are capable of changing ANYTHING!! You don’t have to stay at your job you’re unhappy with because you believe you’re not going to find something better. You don’t have to hangout with shitty people because you believe you can’t find new friends. You don’t have to be unhappy because according to others “you’re not where you should be.” YOU DONT NEED ANY OF THAT!! We have created these thoughts and beliefs by everything and everyone around us. If you need to change something- CHANGE IT! And if you need help- ASK someone you trust to help you! Be vulnerable and humble. Happiness is a choice whether we believe it or not because we CHOOSE what we allow in our lives to make us happy and we CHOOSE what we get rid of that doesn’t make us happy. FORGET what others think or say- change things for yourself! We have the power to do so if we just allow ourselves to feel worthy of having a good life full of the things that we want. We can change EVERYTHING

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