Take A Break

I have been kidnapped!

Since the fall season has hit my life has been non-stop.  Holidays, birthday parties, weekend trips with my friends and family, my best friend’s wedding and planning an adventure throughout Asia with my man has taken up every ounce of my free time.  These are all good things to be focused on and have kept me busy during my recovery but at one point I found myself getting sick and fighting through it so I could keep up.  The first week after the New Year this sickness was coming through in waves and I was fighting it HARD! After all the festivities, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO GET SICK BEFORE GOING TO ASIA! I still had work, packing, shopping for trip items and keeping up with the house.  There was no time for me to stop and take care of myself if I got sick.

During this time I was thinking of personal New Years Resolutions that I wanted to commit to for 2018.  Many things come to mind: Grow my business, get into the best shape I’ve been in, love more, volunteer, start a second business, finish flipping our home, reach out to those who struggle with addiction.  The list goes on.

As I wanted to hit the ground running in 2018 to reach and maintain my goals for the new year my body was literally slowing down.. Telling me to stop.  Rest and nip the sickness in the ass before I fell on mine and I wasn’t listening AT ALL.

Then there was a snow day.

Usually as adults we don’t get snow days like in our younger years but in my line of business when kids are home from school I don’t typically go to work.  Because of the 4degree weather that day my plans taking my niece and nephews tubing got moved. Even though I was sad about not making money that day or having fun with the kids that night this is exactly what I needed. I needed the break my body had been calling for.  I sound lazy and really hate admitting it, but I was probably awake for about 4-6 hours total the entire day and still slept fully though the night.  I impressed myself with this because I never sleep to that extent and the next day I had woken up feeling alive and well again.

I needed to Take A Break.

This one day of sleeping and resting my bones had given me enough strength to battle whatever the sickness was I was fighting.  This, in turn, allowed me to take care of EVERYTHING I needed to do the week prior to our Asia trip.  Work, working out, three last minute runs to the store, birthday parties; it was all finished! Except tubing has to wait until our return. 🙂

I was fighting that sickness and struggling to make it through the couple of weeks we had between New Years and our Asia trip because I knew the break was coming.  We had been planning the trip for a couple of months knowing it was right at the end of a very busy season in our lives and have been looking forward to getting away.  But why did I let myself get to the point of exhaustion, or becoming ill, before I allowed myself to sleep an entire day away?  Why didn’t I take a short break in while waiting for the real one?  Still, I don’t have an answer for my questions, but I did place a new New Years Resolution on my list.

Take A Break before you throw in the towel. Make time and put effort into taking care of yourself.  If your running a race don’t get to a point of giving up before you take time to get some water and refresh your bones.  If you are working on a project and your mind starts drawing a blank, just walk away from it for a short time, even a couple of days.  Allow yourself to get a clear mind and remember why you started that project anyway. If you’re swamped with work and feel like you need time with your family, then plan some time so you can walk away from work to get that quality time in. Whenever I start to say,” I have a lot going on. I have a lot to do. I can’t keep up.”, my boyfriend will look at me and say, “Don’t ever do it or you’ll be right were you were.”  Meaning: I’ve seen you here before, and if you don’t slow down you know it can lead to potentially drinking again.

Currently, he is asleep beside me, effortlessly flaunting is neck pillow and sleeping mask on a 15.5-hour flight to Asia.  After our day layover in Taiwan we will head to Vietnam for a week and spend time with friends then were off to Thailand for our own getaway.   We’re taking a break.  We’re going on an adventure that we never thought we would go on.  Getting regrouped, refreshed and rested before our return home.

We don’t always have to overextend ourselves to get our daily tasks done.  Or reach our goals.  Or do all the things we think we need to do, or what others think we need to do.  We just need to stick true to ourselves, take care of ourselves and do the next right thing.

For me- it’s taking a break.