What do you do when you don’t feel motivated? When you want to just stop? When you want to give in?

Where do you go when you want to let loose and give up on everything you’ve worked hard for?

What do you eat?

What do you drink?

Who do you hangout with?

Why do you take steps back that only satisfies yourself while leaving your team mates in the dust?

When does the motivation run dry and everything you’ve worked hard for doesn’t matter that much anymore? In one single moment, you stop giving a damn and give up.

Or drink up.

Or eat up, blow up, shoot up, snort up, shop up, smoke up, throw up. Pop more pills, binge sleep, binge watch tv, the list goes on and it catered to every one on the world of what our antics are. Why does it seem that in a single moment, all of the hard work and time we have put in to stay away from our bad habits, our outlets, or cut back on them as much as we needed to to have a healthy sustainable life, can be simply washed away from something that triggers us?

Even something so little.

At what point does our motivation to stay focused doesn’t seem worth it?

I have MANY different types of people in my daily life that struggle with different addictions and DAILY have to work on those. On most cases, they give up because motivation isn’t enough for them anymore. I hear things like:

“Well it was just one night and I had a bad week.”

“I mean, I’ve been good for this long so I thought I could cut loose for a while.”

“It’s really wasn’t suppose to be a big deal, just a few hours after work then I wake up in jail… again.”

“I’ve put some weight on but I didn’t want to be too heavy… I thought I was okay to do it once a week and now it’s every day again.”

“My buddy was in town for a funeral and wanted me to do it with him in honor of our friend.. it’s fine I won’t do it again.”


Just STOP!

Our excuses are just justification that convince our emotions of the actions we’re taking when we know we are in the wrong!

If you fall IT’S OKAY!

You can always get back up.

And to help you feel better- YOU DONT HAVE TO START OVER!

Many times people think that when they fail they have to start over. Easily not true. Listen: If you are training for a marathon with a strict diet and workout schedule and you cheat over the weekend with beer and pub foods and don’t workout one bit, it may slow you down and affect your time but it doesn’t mean you forgot how to run.

Remember why you started something, or why you STOPPED something. Don’t lose sight of that. You don’t have to start over you just have to keep going. You know how to do it because you’ve done it before. We all have what it takes within us and know what the next right thing to do is. We just got to dust our shoulders off and get back up and keep doing it. Your team mates are still on the field, cheering you on, as your biggest fans. Know who you need to reach out to when motivation isn’t enough.

Where motivation leaves you, discipline picks you back up.

We have learned new habits to replace the old habits and we have the discipline to stick with our goals. We have done it.

We are doing it.

We can achieve the smallest success with our major struggles and those become major success stories that allow us to become a master over our struggles.

Major Struggle: Car broke down. Business is slow. I’m running out of funds and now I need a new car.

Small success: Made coffee instead of drinking alcohol.

Major success story: Stayed sober while dealing with life on life’s terms as they happen.

Easy does it, take a breath.