When life gives you lemons.

As the saying goes: When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

But did you know that by using the same seeds floating in your lemonade you can grow a lemon tree? It’s pretty simple. All you need is some good fertilized soil and a fresh lemon seed from your fresh squeezed lemonade that you’re sipping on. Clean the seed off of any pulp that may be on it and plant it in a small pot for it to start the growing process.

Wait two weeks.


If you have the patience to wait for two weeks before the sprouting starts then you may make the cut for the lemon tree business. As the sprout grows you will need to repot the lemon tree to give it the adequate water it needs to be healthy and produce the lemons for your future lemonade. Always make sure it has plenty of of sunlight, even if you need to purchase a sun lamp for cooler, dark winter months. Repot the sprout when necessary and with gentleness as to not disrupt the roots to the point of potential damaging to the growing process.

The sprout will eventually strengthened to the point where your lemon tree looks like a twig sticking in the dirt. Progress!! From this point on you should be able to understand the amount of water and sunlight your lemon tree needs to grow.

Continue tending to your twig and don’t lose heart when you think you should be producing lemons.

Wait three to six years..

………………. What??!

Three to six years?!

Yes! Three to six years it takes for you to produce the fruits of your labor and tending to your twig if a lemon tree!

Seems like busy work for something you can’t enjoy right away, right? Here’s the thing about lemon trees though.

They can produce 600 pounds of lemons a year.

Lemon trees produce lemons ALL YEAR LONG!

The leaves can be used for lemon tea.

The rinds if a lemon can be grated and used for baking.

Lemons are acidic enough to be used for cleaning products.

And the list goes on! There are so many benefits to having a lemon tree if we are willing to have the patience and care to get through the sprouting process.

Often we do give up. We don’t see the fruits of our labor, literally, and give up. Or don’t want to take care of something when we can’t see progress and know if it’s actually working. We forget what the end goal is and don’t trust the process anymore when it’s slow, long, tiring, our patience runs thin. We want to see change happen so automatically that we can’t allow ourselves to trust that whatever it is we’re waiting for, or working towards, is already in progress.

When you go through a change, or if you’re going through a change, and your patience is low and running thin, remember why you decided to make a change. Or start a change. Or tried something new. Finish it out to the end. See the fruits of your labor.


You can’t lose heart if you don’t lose sight and where motivation runs low, dedication will pick you up again.

Keep yourself watered. Get sunlight. Rest. Reflect. Remember.

And the next time life gives you lemons plant a lemon tree because eventually you will have 600 pounds of lemons and everyone can benefit from the fruits of your labor. You can bring shade to those around you that are waiting for their twig, offer a fresh lemonade to those who are tired and thirsty. Remind those near that the process is worth it.


And sip some lemonade.

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