I Can Be Too Comfortable

I can be too comfortable

I can share too much

When it comes to being an open book- I don’t have a crutch

I can be too honest

I can take criticism like water on ice

I can bend and contort until you can’t recognize my face

But never will I break

I can believe the lies

Take every no for what it’s worth

And ignore anyone who crosses me

I can be the good in every situation

I can provide guidance, life and wisdom

I can take the path laid and paved without becoming a wavering wheel

I can do all of these things on my own

I can do all of these things on my own

Now after breaking free from insecurities, being the puppet, living for others, putting myself last, proving myself, thinking I was stupid, thinking I was worthless, pleasing others while I, myself, am unhappy, and mastering the art of a contortionist, I no longer use my openness, my vulnerability and my weakness to allow anything to control my life.

I control my life.

I control my life all on my own.

{The strength of a fierce addict in recovery}