Today I made a List Of Gratitude.

A list of things I’m grateful for so when things are gloomy, I’m on edge or just plainly pissed off I can reference to it to remind myself that the negative feeling I have in the moment is just a negative moment. It does not last. It can last longer than I want it to BUT I choose how to respond. By referencing back to my List Of Gratitude I can see many positive things in my life that are concrete.

This boy right here.

My 8 month old mighty warrior.

He is on the top of the list.

Many times in the last 8 months I have had spouts of anger and depression (hello, postpartum hormones and other insecurities) and if it weren’t for The Program- I would be back to drinking again. Which means I wouldn’t be able to take care of my boy, I would probably cancel plans or show up drunk and I would probably lose everything I have gained since April 2017.

Negative moments are temporary.

Positive moments are sustainable.

I made a list to remind me every day how awesome this life is. Things will be added to it as they come or as I’m reminded and the little things that are not a big deal will start to slowly vanish as I work through my personal inventory.

Dishes can be done tomorrow.

Miscommunication can always be cleared.

Laundry will never go away.

It’s out if my hands.

What’s in my hands is this baby, the love of my life and how I choose to view our present and future.

I have the power to choose gratefulness. I have the power to choose what is logical over what is emotion.

I am powerful.

Like this mighty warrior.


What does it mean to you to have a breakthrough in your life? Overcoming a personal obstacle, finding a new line of work, hitting your fitness goals and many other things can calculate to having a breakthrough. Usually, when someone says they “had a break through” it is a giant feat. It’s something they have been working towards for quite some time. It is answers to inward questions. It is clarity to things unknown. It is finally opening the door to what is holding you back. It is an achievement of something that has been worked on for a very, very long time.

Sometimes those breakthroughs are everyday.

Sometimes they’re getting out if bed and going to the gym when you don’t want to.

Sometimes it’s having the tough conversation you’ve been putting off.

Sometimes it’s creating the resume when you need to find a healthier job.

Sometimes it’s believing in yourself and going after that promotion.

Sometimes it’s hidden.

It’s eating when you want to starve.

It’s putting the razor down when the pain is too much to bear.

It’s not buying the pack of cigarettes.

It’s walking away from abuse and neglect.

It’s not having the third cupcake.

Or forth.

Or fifth.

It’s not sleeping the day away.

It’s not drowning of alcohol and chaos.

It’s not being reckless.

This is The WRECKless Community. Where we support, love and encourage everyone who has breakthrough in their daily struggles and overcome their obstacles by being healthier and fighting alongside one another. Where you can find that you’re not alone. Where you can find resources to help you find light at the end.

Everyday we fight.

Everyday we have breakthrough.

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Be Victorious

Ever wake up in the morning wishing your life was different? Thinking things like, “If this didn’t happen my life would be better”, or “Too bad I’m stuck in this situation”, and “One day I’ll catch a break but now everything just sucks.”

Feeling like the victim of your circumstances?

Thinking it will never end?

Waiting for someone else to follow through with their word?

Or worse. You’re living your dream life and everything is great then something happens and now…. It. Just. Sucks.

My life has changed at a drop of a hat many times through the years. Instant jobs taken away, uprooted and thrown in rehab (by MY choice), companies changing jobs that didn’t involve me, taken advantage of by MANY through financial help I’ve given, yet I’m not using any of those reasons as a crutch for people to feel bad for me about the things that suddenly change.

Because guess what..


Things change.

People can’t control everything that happens to them and if we just sit around and play the victim then WE won’t change either. It will cripple us until we’re useless. When I left North Carolina to take care of my drinking habit I didn’t have a job and still had to figure out how to pay my bills. You know what I did?? I STARTED A HOUSE CLEANING BUSINESS!! It worked perfectly around my treatment. I made an opportunity for MYSELF because no one was going to hand me a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Once I got fired from my job because I was day drinking and didn’t show up to work- you know what I did?? I crocheted beanie hats and sold them to pay rent!! 🧶 (ps thats a lot of hats, btw) Lately I’ve taken some photos to take care of small bills. I’ve sold old school book. I FOUND OTHER JOBS. Whether it was self made or an actual corporate job, I figured things out when I didn’t have a notice that my finances were going to get cut.

If we realize we’re capable of doing more than what our circumstances tell us we’re capable of, we would lace our shoes up and get ready to go down whatever path was next. But instead, I see people every single day telling me “you don’t know what it’s like in my shoes” and they give in to their defeat and become the victim.

They’re right.

I don’t know what it’s like.

Playing the victim almost costed my life and since then I became a victor over my circumstances. I don’t know what it’s like to give up anymore.

I still complain, I still rant about shit that has happened, I still freak out when there is a change because I’M STILL HUMAN.


I am not a victim.

Every situation is an opportunity to see what you’re made of because you are NOT your circumstances.


Change your shoes. Get new laces. Put on sandals, biking shoes, cleats, hiking boots, stilettos, WHATEVER you need to keep walking.

Now is the time to try something new. What do you have to lose? ✨


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