What does it mean to you to have a breakthrough in your life? Overcoming a personal obstacle, finding a new line of work, hitting your fitness goals and many other things can calculate to having a breakthrough. Usually, when someone says they “had a break through” it is a giant feat. It’s something they have been working towards for quite some time. It is answers to inward questions. It is clarity to things unknown. It is finally opening the door to what is holding you back. It is an achievement of something that has been worked on for a very, very long time.

Sometimes those breakthroughs are everyday.

Sometimes they’re getting out if bed and going to the gym when you don’t want to.

Sometimes it’s having the tough conversation you’ve been putting off.

Sometimes it’s creating the resume when you need to find a healthier job.

Sometimes it’s believing in yourself and going after that promotion.

Sometimes it’s hidden.

It’s eating when you want to starve.

It’s putting the razor down when the pain is too much to bear.

It’s not buying the pack of cigarettes.

It’s walking away from abuse and neglect.

It’s not having the third cupcake.

Or forth.

Or fifth.

It’s not sleeping the day away.

It’s not drowning of alcohol and chaos.

It’s not being reckless.

This is The WRECKless Community. Where we support, love and encourage everyone who has breakthrough in their daily struggles and overcome their obstacles by being healthier and fighting alongside one another. Where you can find that you’re not alone. Where you can find resources to help you find light at the end.

Everyday we fight.

Everyday we have breakthrough.

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