Today I made a List Of Gratitude.

A list of things I’m grateful for so when things are gloomy, I’m on edge or just plainly pissed off I can reference to it to remind myself that the negative feeling I have in the moment is just a negative moment. It does not last. It can last longer than I want it to BUT I choose how to respond. By referencing back to my List Of Gratitude I can see many positive things in my life that are concrete.

This boy right here.

My 8 month old mighty warrior.

He is on the top of the list.

Many times in the last 8 months I have had spouts of anger and depression (hello, postpartum hormones and other insecurities) and if it weren’t for The Program- I would be back to drinking again. Which means I wouldn’t be able to take care of my boy, I would probably cancel plans or show up drunk and I would probably lose everything I have gained since April 2017.

Negative moments are temporary.

Positive moments are sustainable.

I made a list to remind me every day how awesome this life is. Things will be added to it as they come or as I’m reminded and the little things that are not a big deal will start to slowly vanish as I work through my personal inventory.

Dishes can be done tomorrow.

Miscommunication can always be cleared.

Laundry will never go away.

It’s out if my hands.

What’s in my hands is this baby, the love of my life and how I choose to view our present and future.

I have the power to choose gratefulness. I have the power to choose what is logical over what is emotion.

I am powerful.

Like this mighty warrior.

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