3 Years of Sobriety

3 years of sobriety!

I remember waking up on this day in 2017 and decided for the 20somethingth time that I needed to stop drinking alcohol. But that day it was different. That day I knew I wanted more. More for myself and more out of life. That day I knew I wanted to dream again. That day I gave myself a fighting chance for the life I wish I had. I knew I could do it and that day I decided I WAS READY to do it.

I had lost dreams during my alcohol days but almost all of them have returned back to me through my 3 years of sobriety. One of those dreams is what I started college for. Fashion design in hopes to one day have my own clothing design career to share my creativity with the world.

But I dropped out if school after I lost my job and got a DUI. Still thinking I had my drinking under control, I found two jobs to cover my court cost and decided I couldn’t go to college any longer. Filled with regret, I didn’t know what to do. I knew what I wanted out if life but I was not in a position to know how to get there. Broke. Alcohol blurred thinking. Terrible daily choices, someone gave me a helping hand. I get back to school, to get my life in order, to remember what clear thinking was I moved to North Carolina and got back into school (and graduated 🎓) but I still battled with alcohol for 4 more years.

Then that day in 2017 I decided I was done. I was done living as someone else. I wanted to be myself again.

Here I am.

3 years alcohol free.

I took my desire for fashion design and turned it into a T-shirt company. Alcohol took a major dream of mine and today I reclaimed it. My first order of tees!

With every purchase a percentage will go to the rehab facility that helped me get sober. This is a big deal for me, everyone! Not only did I claim three years of sobriety, but I reclaimed one of my dreams I’ve fought so hard for 🙌

It wasn’t easy. It’s NOT easy. But every day I would like to drink I just remember where I was, and who I was.

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and you don’t know where to turn, please reach out to me or another loving person in your life and find help. Right now with the coronavirus there are many people struggling and I am with you in this fight.

Good night, Warriors ✨