Super Power

I saw a post that said “You are the only one of you is this world, and that’s your super power.” Or something like that.
And it got me thinking. How often do we look at others, see their life, their jobs, their recovery, and wish we had part of their life.
I have done it many times. Especially, with my recovery. Why can I just quit? Why can’t I have it under control? Why can’t I drink like them, just having one or two?
Eventually I got there. After about 5 tries of quitting and going back, a dui, car wrecks, damaged relationships, empty promises, missed appointments, bruises, scars and broken hearts.
I. Got. There.
The road is not easy.
Now I look at others and I reach out a helping hand. Now I look at others and don’t want the job they have. Now I look at others and celebrate their success without feeling like I have to prove myself. Now I look at others as a blessing in my life and I don’t compare myself to them.
This is my super power.
Being 💯 who I was created to be.
Living loudly.
Loving fearlessly.
Being fully alive.

One thought on “Super Power

  1. It took time for me to find that place too. I’d estimate that I’m living “in the zone” 80% of the time but I do still have those “I wish I had their life” moments even at two years sober (almost).

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